Country Boys do it best......Best anal sex ever!

Country Boys do it best......Best anal sex ever!

I have 3 rules for anal sex:

1. Don’t you EVVVVVVVVVVVERRRRRRRRRRR SPIT ON YOUR DICK AND TRY TO PUT IT IN MY ASS!!! I don’t give a flying fuck how the mood hit you. Do you know how fast spit dry up? Do you know that the ass is not self-lubricating? Do you want dry friction in your ass??? I didn’t think so. So, grab the lube (or baby oil) duh.

2. You need to have on your listening ears and your seeing eyes. If I say stop, then stop. If I say lube….the dammit squirt me up. Hand up means pause. Hand halfway down means proceed with caution. Hand down, I’m prolly holding the sheets so doooo me daddy.

3. DO NOT pull your dick all the way out and ram it back in. This is not a “BBC Destroys twink bareback breeding session” (If you up to date on your porn ish and know what that mean then DM me real quick cuz I’m trying to see something lmao.) This ass is not broke in or broke down. Completely removing the dick causes the sphincter to tighten and its like starting all over. I’m all for having fun but these are my rules and if somebody can’t abide by YOUR rules, then kick they ass to the curb.

Now, some of the best…no…the best anal sex I had was with this dude named Rashad (fuck his privacy lmao). Butter pecan brown, freaky, back woods MS, dread head, 8 pack having, big dick slanging, gun toting, choke a bitch with kisses, tight t shirt wearing ass Rashad. My first toxic Sagittarius. Man listen, writing this make me want to text his toxic ass. I love a nigga that stay strapped but still sweet as hell and loooooove to eat a bitch booty from the back…..He also liked to have his asshole licked………but…….. I’m not ready to talk about that.

So anyway, it was his birthday and I was tricking off. I took him out for dinner and drinks and brought him back to my house. I don’t remember how it started so Ima just start at the part that gained this night entry to my top 5 best sex sessions. So, we are laying in the bed, he on his back and I’m laying with my leg kinda cocked up on him and he hit me on the ass. I was like “how you gone spank me and it’s your birthday?” He was like, “I want you to take my licks for me.” I have a small pain complex, so he knew I was down. He turned 28 that day and I was one lick in. He had wide ass hands, like he could grip a basketball with them. And he was from the country and liked to work out and flip tires and shit. So, his hands were…manly.

First lick was cool, first ten was mild, but around 15 I had started to develop that “frog” spot on my left butt cheek because he was hitting me in the same spot every time. I messed around and moaned and pressed my pussy against his leg after that 16th lick. He leaned back so he could see my face and smirked….” You like that freaky shit don’t it?”. Without speaking a word, I scooted closer to him with my leg still on top of him and grinded my pussy on his side. He pulled me in closer and I could feel his breath on my forehead. I breathed out as he drew his hand back and SMACK! 19….

Every lick was more painful than the last. But there was something so intimate about being that close to him, feeling his breath on me, anticipating the next lick… By lick 26 I was crying; literal and physical tears were coming down my eyes and my pussy was throbbing and gushing. After that last lick, I pulled my leg up high so my knee was on his chest and took his hand and put it on my pussy so he could see what he had done to me. I was so wet my thighs were wet. All he said was “Fuck”, before flipping me over on my stomach and jumping out his jeans.

Everybody I fuck has a position that just works best for us. Mine and his was me flat on my stomach with my legs closed. Something about how thick his dick was and how thick my thighs was made that ecstasy for both of us. We get into it deep. I had just hit that point where I am just moaning “Fuuuuuck that feels sooooo good”, when he jumps up and jumps off the bed. Now I hate to have a nut interrupted so I turn over like….” Wtf are you doing????”. He grabs the baby oil off the dresser and looks at me with this devilish grin “What you think?”. I smiled, “As long as you remember the rules then I’m game baby.”

Something that could have made this the best anal sex, besides the intricate mix of pain and intimacy,  is the position. I usually do the standard doggy style. But this laying flat legs closed was like the cheese and parsley yall be putting on everything lol.

He rubbed my ass down in baby oil, rubbed it all over it his dick, and then leaned in and put his dick between my asscheeks. For them first few strokes he was fucking my thighs lmao. That is what happens when you use TOO much baby oil. He got right though and baby. That man listened and obeyed all the rules and I did not have to remind him. That shit felt so good at one point I was just screaming “OMG, MY KNEES ARE WET.” While he was fucking me in the ass, I reached down between my legs and put what I could of my hand in my pussy. Something that about that anal, vaginal, clitoral combo that will have me squirting uncontrollably. At this point he was thrusting faithfully, and I was popping it back and he came. The thing about anal, its so tight that you can you feel the dick jumping. That shit EXCITES me, so I was still coming even after he had dropped down on top of me in exhaustion.

He rolled off me and saw the giant wet spot in the bed and then died laughing. He was like “ I was wondering why you kept saying your knees wet.” I didn’t have any shame. That night is branded in my mind. That toxic sex be just that…toxic as hell.

If you are avoiding toxic dudes, then let me offer some solo toy combos that are almost guaranteed to take the stress away!

"Mini Man" is my #1 toy on my site. Alone it is more than enough to get the job done! Its powerful as hell with 8 speeds and 20 settings. I personally have never made it past the first setting lol. But to each its own. One night I was up watching Japanese lesbian train porn ( I don’t why I’m like this lmao) and I had tried out the "Captain Hook" earlier that day as it was in my new shipment and I had a great idea. I started with captain hook, just massaging my clit and then I inserted it and turned on Mr. Mini Man. Now I had to put my phone on a pillow on my chest. Captain Hook inserted as a G spot stimulator, Mini Man in my right hand, and a nipple in the left hand…………………….I came so hard I shed a tear. I came so hard I did it 3 more times before getting out of bed the next morning. May seem like a lot. Or maybe a little too personal. But there is strength in knowing how to please yourself on different levels!

That my how to when it comes to avoiding toxic niggas and a recap of my top 5 sex sessions. Check out my site! More plus sizes coming this month for my Voluptuous Vixens. Stay tuned for my next blog post on butt plugs and double penetration with toys!


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    Baaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyy them country boys wheeeeeeeewwww!!!

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    Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch you better! I love it…and hell yea ountry boys do it better😩

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