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Ok, so boom. Anal sex. My take, my story, my experience. Where to start? Welllll. My first experience with anything anal sex traumatic, kind of. It was a night in my young teen life where fooling around in the dark had become the norm and my boyfriend at the time thought it would be hilarious to RAM his finger into my asshole. It hurt, I felt violated, I was…. not into it.


Fast forward a few years (3 or 4) and the current love of my life brought it up. After sharing my recount of the first time it happened, he apologized for the ravenous act of my first lover and promised that he could provide me with a different experience. Now who ever (whomever???) is reading this may or may not know me, but no matter the case, please understand this; I WILL TRY ANYTHING 3 TIMES! That is a real statement that I stand by 100% and it usually works out well for me. Back to the story. OK, so our usual sexy night routine (in his room, at his mom’s house…) involves food, a movie, and lots of cuddling and kissing. This is why I loved him because he met every need.

So, I knew it was going to happen and I was anticipating his oh so sexy, chocolate, manly lead. He was thorough with his instructions: “We will use lots of lube, tell me if it hurts, and tell me if it feels good”. He bent me over doggy style on his bed while the light shined from his 50in screen tv with family guy up loud enough so his mom would not hear what was about to occur. He grabbed his bottle of baby oil that he usually used to rub me down before sex and squirted it all over my ass and all over his dick. He carefully and gently rubbed it into the inner crevice of my asshole and begin kissing me from my neck all the way down my back as his stoked his dick with the baby oil all over it. He got as close to my ears as he could, kissed me on the cheek, and then asked, “Are you ready?” “Yes sir”, I replied as the warmth from his breath made my pussy quiver with moisture...

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