About Me!

Hey, I'm Ariel! I am the owner of BareVixens, LLC.  Bare Vixens was founded in 2020 for women who like to explore their sexuality and find comfort in knowing what brings them joy. Being a 28 year old single mom of 2, dating and sexy time can be hard to come by and self esteem can be hard to maintain. I found that putting on something cute and wearing it around the house does wonders for the self esteem and having a good toy (or a few) on hand can keep me from sending a "risky text' when my intent is to focus on myself.

Bare Vixens has become an extension of myself in the form of expression and expertise in relaxation and self-care. I enjoy connecting with my customers and pride myself on offering the best customer service possible. For my fellow Bare Vixens, I am only an email away!